Commissioning a painting

If you are considering commissioning a painting based on one of your own photographs and would like to enquire further, the procedure is as follows:

1. Decide which of your photographs you would like to have painted and select the size of painting you would like.

2. Email your photograph/s (several others are always helpful) to Anne.

4. Anne will then email you to discuss your individual requirements. At this stage, if you decide you would like to go ahead with commissioning a painting, you will be asked to pay a 25% deposit to secure a place on Anne's waiting list.

5. Once your painting is completed, a scan of it will be emailed to you so you can ensure are completely happy with it and when any alterations, if necessary, can be made.

6. Full payment should be made and then your finished painting will be carefully packaged and delivered to you by courier.

All oil portraits, with the exception of the 10" x 8" paintings, are painted on high quality fine grain stretched linen canvases. These bespoke canvases are made to order by a professional company. The 10" x 8" paintings are painted on cradled artists board, the surface of which is completely smooth enabling fine detail to be executed in these smaller sized paintings.

If you would like your painting framed, please let us know. Frame prices start from £70.

Additionally you can commission a painting, for instance a wildlife painting, for which you don't have specific photographs for reference. Or, if you've fallen in love with a painting which has been sold and would like something similar, just email us for an individual quote.

A postage and packing charge also applies:

£15 within the UK (unframed paintings)

Paintings are shipped worldwide - please email for individual country rates (these will vary according to size).

If you have any questions, please email and we will be happy to help.

Please note: There is always a waiting list of several months. However, if you have a specific date when you would like your painting completed, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.


Size Price
Oil painting 10" x 8" £450
Oil painting 14" x 10" £640
Oil painting 16" x 12" £870
Oil painting 20"" x 16" £1,450
Oil painting 24" x 18" £1,950
Extra animals £240

A small sample of some of Anne's portraits

Australian Shepherd-MBIS BISS AKCASCA CH Caitland Isle Take A Chance NA NAJ JS-N TDI Cairn-Multi Ch Glenmore's Top Gun German Shepherd Dog - Chance Bernese Mountain Dog - Ch Monalou Nelly Pledge Rhodesian Ridgeback - Zejak Zuri Miko Dachshund - Ch Tekalhaus Masterpiece Golden Retriever - Bear and Chair Dobermann - Phoenix Jack Russell Terrier - Woody French Bulldog - Noah Belgian Shepherd Dog - Ch Ebontide Nexus for Lykos JW Dobermann - Honey Chihuahua-Ch Bramerita Naughty But Nice Dalmatian - Fanny Golden Retriever - Ch Giltedge Blackwatch Pomeranian-Ch Toybox Golden Opportunity JW ShCM PBGV-Ch Charbonnel Tom Cruise Saluki-Kasra Tabina and Kasra Nadirah Dalmatian - Blinken Belgian Shepherd Dog - Ch Domburg Reve D'Amour Dalmatian-Ch_Sophtspot_Sugar_Daddy_at_Dvojica_and_Ch_Dvojica_Voodoo Bernese Mountain Dog - Ch Bernsteph Miss Dior JW ShCM Dalmatians-Misha and Anna Saluki - Ch Glenoak Ishaara Rhodesian Ridgeback - Ch Nyuki Takamali Shujaa of Morlingcourt King Charles Spaniel - Fr Lux Int Ch Timothy de Melcourt Cocker Spaniel - Sh Ch Claramand X-Factor Boxer - Charleigh Bear Dachshund - Ch Darsoms Zophisticate of Bronia Dalmatian - Bobbie Golden_Retriever-Bear_and_Nita Border Collie - Sh Ch Tonkory Palmerston at Fayken JW English Setter - Spencer Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Nottus Hooray Henry Dobermann - Ellie Golden Retriever - Conor Dalmatian - Naty Rhodesian Ridgeback - Ch Burncote Nukooroo at Nehando Labrador Retriever - Ch Berolee Moons Magic Star JW. Horse - Thornton Jag Griffon Bruxellois - Ch Cilleine Tango Boxer - Ch Sulez Black Magic Dalmatian - Smudge King Charles Spaniel- Fr Int Bel  Lux Dutch Ger and Fin Ch Lili de Melkrin Dobermann - Indi Rhodesian Ridgeback - Khan Belgian Shepherd Dog - Ebontide Othiz JW Alaskan Malamute - Ch Chayo Blue Thunder Dachshund - Ch Tekalhaus Krugerrand Dalmatians - Purdie and Whitney Griffon Bruxellois - Ch Cilleine Rigadoon JW Cocker Spaniel - Sh Ch Charbonnel Warlord Shetland Sheepdog - Ch Semitar Turnabout Poodle - Golly Boxer - Ch Norwilbeck Special Blend Cocker Spaniel-Bencleuch's Billionaire Dalmatian - Bailey Dobermann - Janzins Jamelia Smooth Collie - Ch Moon Walker from Misstoff Bernese Mountain Dog - Sanmarwell American Pie ShCM Pyrenean Mountain Dog - Ch Shiresoak Magica Star At Kalkasi JW Belgian Shepherd Dog - Ch Ebontide Nikita JW Boxer - Ch Nateez Primero at Cherryside Cocker Spaniel - Sh Ch Wiljana Moonlight Shetland Sheepdog - Felthorn Indelible Saluki - Kasra Nasuuh At Malenkhai ShCM Dobermann - Leibwache Scarlett Harlot Pomeranian - Ch Pomanna Silver Knight At Jacobian Samoyed - Naduska Tempest By Icewind Dachshund - Ch Roleta Play Wright Dalmatian - Jazz Whippet - Ch Tonmawr La Petite Ballerina JW ShCM German Shepherd Dog - Ch Jasueter Krimson Xaus Poodle - Ch Penling By Design a Namkia Dobermann - Triemburg Serendipity JW Rhodesian Ridgeback - Eilack Kito Marcus JW Horses - Copper and Max Rhodesian Ridgeback - Ch Matabelle Masqerade at Kasenga Cats Saluki - Ch Mabrooka Joshua ShCM Dobermann - Russia Cocker Spaniel - Sh Ch Molkara Maserati Whippet - Ch Bruntsfield Playaway JW ShCM Griffon Bruxellois - Ch Cilleine Pinot Noir Rhodesian Ridgeback - Kofi King Charles Spaniel -  Ch Amantra Character Miniature Pinscher - Ch Vardenais Moon Glow JW ShCM Lowchen - Ch Lansilk Moon Spirit Dalmatians - Salsusa Astella & Salsusa Germima Puddleduck Saluki - Ch Tasia El Imrane Dobermann - Be Bedazzled at Jandaya JW ShCM Rhodesian Ridgeback - Merlin Dachshund - Ch Seatris Laced with Success Affenpinscher - Ch Riogaioch Illusion JW Pomeranian - Ch Pomanna Silver Arrow At Jacobian Chihuahua - Ch Amarantos Kiam Belgian Shepherd Dog - Ch Domburg Hot At The Top at Jamasue Cocker Spaniel - Sh Ch Sheigra Special Vintage JW Dobermann - Leibwache Wild 'N' Wicked Bernese Mountain Dog - Ch Nellsbern Valentino Dalmatian - Ch Ffiglina New Horizons at Millbelle JW ShCM Boxer - Ch and Aust Ch_Kirkgate Stand By Me at Belvern Cairn - Ch Ir Ch Cadagio As Good As It Gets Belgian Shepherd Dog-Ch Domburg Reve Enchantés At Niavana Rhodesian Ridgeback - Ch Bruet Song of Kasenga Cocker Spaniel - Sh Ch Charbonnel Frankette Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Sofie Dalmatian - Jango English Toy Terrier - Ch Ellyrose Sweet Success Maltese Terrier - Ch Am Can Esp Gib NL Int Ch Lafford Hershey's Kisses ShCM Cat Samoyed - Ch Duckslake Spirit Of Siberia JW Chinese crested - Blandora Glory Be For Kilnshena German Shepherd Dog - Ch Jasueter Silber Yacco Australian Silky Terrier - Int Ch Bombix Moren Ex Improviso King Charles Spaniel - Ch Rossbonny Henley Swedish Vallhund - Ch Castleavery Silver Secret Under Mystarz Dobermann - Ir Ch Fitzkin Storm Gazer (JD) Rhodesian Ridgeback - Ch Hespa Highlander of Africaner Bassett Hound - Ch Charford Claudia at Puckaman Jack Russell Terriers Dachshund - Ch Lesandnic Lucyrowe Belgian Shepherd Dog - Kash Bulldog - Ch Shiloh Patchwork of Kismond Dobermann - Jokamily Schimeel At Amious JW ShCM Italian Greyhound - Dalinset Despina of Mieleth Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) - Am Ch Kilvroch Silk Stockings Cocker Spaniel - Sh Ch  Bencleuch's Bella Rose Dachshund - Ch Kanix Hilda At Stargang English Setter - Sh Ch Quensha Romance at Midnight German Shepherd Dog - Ch Aspects  of Love at Jasueter Cocker Spaniel - Sh Ch Charbonnel Silhouette JW Pyrenean Mountain Dog - Ch Gillandant Krystaleen Belgian Shepherd Dog - Jetaime Esprit D'Elegance Irish Setter - Kiltimagh Clouded Dreams UD Irish_Wolfhound-Magill Boxer - Ch Winuwuk Love Struck Japanese Chin - Ellinghurst Mr Majestik Dobermann Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Quoygard The Power of Dreams Dalmatian - Lucky DWhippet - Ch Norw Dan Int Ch Spyanfly Say It's Bardoa Sh Ch Marquell Misprint Bullmastiff - Ger,Int,Eng,World Ch Torneto Vom Franketal Saluki - Joop Belgian Shepherd Dog - Zefirelli van der Hoge Laer at Niavana Dalmatian - Ch Fakenham Flash Gordon Collie cross - Misty Poodle - Kimalia Midnight Merriment at Carihuela German Shepherd Dog - Zac Great Dane - Ch Selmalda Check The Meaning JW Cocker Spaniel - Jardinisle Etiquette Lurcher - Euclid Leonberger - Ch_Jocolda Georgio Bichon - Ch Bobander What A Performance Poodle - Ch Saltillo Loving You Affenpinscher-Ch Carmichan Jazzy Jet JW Cocker Spaniel - Sh Ch Dillonpark Ambrogina Rhodesian Ridgeback - Chaslads Jacmiks Handshake JW Yorkie - Ch Sherazade The Dazzler Weimaraner - Ch and IrCh Enryb Christmas Party JW Bolognese - Good Golly Miss Bolly Dalmatian - Katti Cocker Spaniel - Sh Ch Lujesa Happy Too Boxer - Tyegarth Becks at Sultash Dobermann - Ch Amazon Dark Angel Large Munsterlander - Ch Ichbin Bydesign JW Rhodesian Ridgeback - Rufus Saluki - Jazirat Zakiyyah Dalmatian - Ch Camargue Gucci Envy Rhodesian Ridgeback - Che Poodle - Louis Griffon Bruxellois - Ch Cilleine Imagine Sternroc